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viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017

Magnificent Greens Tomorrowland

Magnificent Greens guide: This is the camping area where there is always a party. It's the cheapest and the largest type of accommodation. It's divided into districts (Blue District, Yellow District, Pink District, etc.) Each with facilities such as showers (free and paid), restrooms, refresh points and lockers.
Basically when paying this type of accommodation you are entitled to a space where you can place your own tent or you can also include paying for a basic tent that you pick up at the festival + mattress and sleeping for 1 or 2 people.

Each ticket is valid per person, not per tent.


(you must bring your own camping gear)
* 'Comfort' tickets allow access to VIP areas in the festival zone*

With a tent (pop-up tent) + sleeping + mattress that you pick up inside the festival
* 'Comfort' tickets allow access to VIP areas in the festival zone*

Magnificent Greens includes:

Only access to DreamVille Magnificent Greens for 5 days (Thursday to Monday). If you have friends that are in other more expensive accommodations (eg Easy Tents), you can not enter those areas, but they could enter Magnificent Greens. In Dreamville you can enter all the cheaper accommodations than yours, but can not enter the more expensive ones. As in other places, if you are in Vip, you can also enter the general, but not the other way around.

Access to Tomorrowland (Regular or Comfort) – 3 days

Access to The Gathering Party

Access to DreamVille Marketplace

Sanitary facilities and entertainment areas. 

Tents are installed on a first come, first served basis. So it's not possible to reserve a space for someone (the only thing that can be done in those cases if a friend of yours does not arrive at the same time as you, is to take his tent with you and install it. At the beginning everything seems "This is Sparta" and everyone is fighting to better build their space, but then everything is back to peace and love with the neighbors.
The tents included in the payment are the red ones you see in the following image:
In this area showers cost 1 pearl (1.5 euros) from 6:00 to 8:00 am and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, the remaining hours cost 2.5 pearls (3.75 euros) . Paid showers are located in a private area, have doors, hot water and electrical connection only for hair dryers or shavers. Free showers are outdoors in plain sight.
Toilets, regardless of the type of accommodation, all the time are cleaned by a team (they have toilet paper).
The first day they distribute small boxes with a recycling kit. Inside you find plastic bags for trash. For each bag (which are small) that is filled you can win prizes or participate for tickets for next year.

In addition, there are always people cleaning and collecting garbage in the whole area.
You can enjoy spaces like the Chill Out Zone, the grill area (you can buy your meat at the festival supermarket) and the gym.

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