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Tomorrowland Tips Tricks Recommendations

With these tips / tricks / recommendations you will be able to enjoy more one of the best festivals in the world.
Carry only what is necessary. Always the first timers make this mistake. Many are supplied with plenty of water and food that never end up consuming and the walks are long!

●In the festival area it's forbidden to enter with any kind of bottle or food. In Dreamville instead you can put the unlimited quantity of food, beer, cans and bottles with alcohol, as long as the bottles are plastic.

● It's very cold at night! Wear some clothing that can warm you during these occasions.

●Inside the festival area many food spots and bars, are stocked with plastic ponchos that give attendees in case of rain. Just ask them. There is no excuse not to continue enjoying!

Have a totem for your group of friends that can be seen from far away or establishing a meeting point at a specific time works very well to meet friends. Tomorrowland is huge and I never had a problem meeting my friends by following these steps. (Something very good is that the internet signal works fine even in the mainstage) but a totem makes it all faster in the middle of the crowd.

● Lockers never run out (only the largest sizes). So you can buy that just before the festival and also inside the festival.

● There are also stores around Tomorrowland / Dreamville that have more stock of products (and alcohol). Texaco, Carrefour and Aldi are nearby.

Print everything. Or at least copies of all your documents on your cell phone or 'cloud'.

● If you want to buy Tomorrowland merchandise, do it on Thursday or Friday. After that a lot of things sold out.

●Bring something from your country. Flags, alcohol, snacks, accessories. You will meet people from all over the world and many will want to exchange flags or gifts. Especially the last day.

Dreamville recommendations:

In Belgium always rains. That's why your tent should be waterproof or you should put some kind of cover. Food points and bars are stocked with plastic ponchos they give attendees in case of rain.

● It's not possible to reserve spaces in the campsite. If you want to camp with your friends and they arrive at different times, the only option is for those who go earlier to take the tents of the rest and to install them to secure the space.

● The Dreamville supermarket is a great choice. You can only pay by card. Pearls and cash are not accepted. However, inside the supermarket you find a very good price for fruits, ready to eat food, beef and chicken ready to place on the grills, water, natural fruit juices, toiletries, etc.
Dreamville has grills (always lighted) and hammocks that you can use for free.

● Since 2017, Dreamville had a very large gym for you to use, as well as aerobics and yoga classes. (all free)

● One of the 3 days, in the space of The Gathering they build a circuit of inflatable games where you can play for free.

● Tents, chairs, sleeping bags, air mattresses, partytents (gazebos) can be purchased from Dreamville at a reasonable price. The store is called Tentenzo and some things can be bought cheaper on the internet and pick it up at the festival (near the Rainbow 2). Https://

●In both Magnificent Greens and Easy Tent, tent spaces have no shade. Buying a partytents (gazebos) is an ideal choice for you and your friends. Inside the festival cost 25 pearls (38 euros) or you can buy it online and pick it up at the festival.
In case of strong winds (which often happens), disarm your Partytent (gazebos) or employees of the festival will take down and leave it on the ground. This is to avoid accidents as they have seen Partytents flying through the campsite.

● Unfortunately there are many thieves in Dreamville. If you have valuables, put them in the lockers. Better safe than sorry.

● Dreamville has two types of showers: paid and free. Paid showers have a door, electric connection for hair dryer or shaver and hot water. They cost 1 pearl all day in EasyTent and in Magnificent Greens 1 pearl (1.5 euros) from 6 am-8am and 1 pm-5pm (the remaining hours cost 2.5 pearls (3.75 euros)

● Free showers are outdoors and also operate throughout the night. Some outside showers have hot water even at night, most only have cold water.

● If you stay in Magnificent Greens and arrive early to place the tents will be a battle. If you arrive later, you will be much further away but you will be relaxed and you will have more space to put the tents.

●Bring Tape will be very useful if you stay in Magnificent Greens. Because you always need to adjust some things due to the wind.

● At least always have water or drinks in your tent. There is nothing worse than waking up and having to walk a lot to buy.

● On many occasions you will need disposable glasses, napkins or cutlery.

● Dreamville Chill Out Zone is free and you have food stalls, music, tennis courts and Wi-Fi points.
Recommendations during the festival:

Enjoy all stages at least for a moment! Many times the vibe of the people in smaller stages are more incredible than Mainstage. Surely you will discover new music that you will love and also many stages are full of surprises.

● Every year some set-times change even on the same day. It's better to use the app or browser to find out the changes in the schedules in real time.

● There is a secret restaurant hidden in the Mainstage. It costs about 15,000 euros for 12 people. There are no photos because phones are not allowed inside.

● When you buy water, they give you the bottle without cap (so you can buy more obviously). If you want to save money take some cap with you or a camelback (you can only bring it empty) that you can fill in the various free water points that are all over the festival.

● Inside the festival you find portable chargers that last about 4 charges and you can change it for a new one as many times as you want. They cost 16 pearls and 10 pearls are returned to your account when you returns the charger.

● 'Ferry Wheel' you see in all the videos is free. Usually the queues moves very fast and at least you must go 1 time!

● Every year the main stage has an opening ceremony. In 2017 it was at 17:00 local time.

● All Info Points can give you the 3-day festival schedule and map.
Unfortunately there are many 'pickpockets' especially in the Mainstage. It's best not to bring unnecessary valuables to the festival area and use some kind of 'fanny pack' to store cell phone or camera. And if it's not waterproof it's good to have some ziploc bag.

● Do not touch any of the decorations in Dreamville or Tomorrowland. They are very strict about this and if you disobey you lose the bracelet and with that access to the festival.

● A Taxi from Brussels Airport to Tomorrowland will cost you around 100 Euro depending on the time and traffic. It's best to go by train. From Boom Station there are free buses that take you to Tomorrowland.

● The amount of money you need to put on pearls depends on how much alcohol you consume. The minimum per day for 2 meals and non-alcoholic beverages would be around 15-20 pearls.

● Finally, POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Things will get broken, clothes will be ripped, your drink might get spilled and it will rain at some point. It's all part of the experience, keep smiling!

Here you can find all Tomorrowland newspapers from 2014 to 2017:

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