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Guide to Tomorrowland 2018

Complete guide: Tomorrowland prices 2018. How much does it cost to go to Tomorrowland? How to get tickets for Tomorrowland? drink prices?  Those are some of the frequently questions that come to mind when you are thinking to go to Tomorrowland.
If you are here you should know that Tomorrowland is currently one of the largest festivals in the world that brings together approximately 400,000 people from all over the world (almost 200 nationalities). Tomorrowland is not a simple space of land where they build stages, play music and that's it. Tomorrowland it's an universe.

Some aspects that make it so great:

✓16 (sometimes more) thematic stages (that change their design over the years) with the best djs in the world (more than 400 artists) with all styles of electronic music.

The location of the festival is surrounded by forests and lakes.

During the past few years, almost 200 nationalities come every year to participate and the atmosphere is totally different from most other festivals.

It's almost also a culinary festival with food choices from around the world.

From the moment you enter to Tomorrowland you feel that you are entering a new universe. The whole atmosphere is surreal, full of surprises and details. Like a Disneyland for adults.
From the moment you step on Belgium you start to feel that something big is going to happen in the country. At the airport you will notice that there is a DJ! Everything is decorated and even the Main Square is holding a party with people from all over the world.
The festival has not started yet and you've already started making friends from all over the world, dancing and enjoying. Most of the people are here with the idea of socializing, enjoying electronic music, leaving any kind of negative feeling. It does not matter where you are, how you look, how much money you have, whether you are young or old, straight or gay, or even disabled. The spirit of Tomorrowland is based on unity, respect and freedom.
If that goes with you, then the festival is for you!

The festival lasts for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) if you only buy the tickets with access to the festival or 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) if you buy tickets that include accommodation within the festival (Dreamville).

The festival is divided into 2 large areas: Dreamville (with 10 types of accommodation) which opens on Thursday and closes on Monday; And the Festival area (which only opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 am during the presentations). Both zones are next to each other.
Most of the people choose to have the full experience of the festival and stay in the mini-city built inside the festival called Dreamville.
To get to Dreamville on your own, the best option is to get to the Boom train station (the village where the festival takes place), from there, every minute free buses take you to the door of the festival where you will see the famous rainbow that appears in aftermovies.
Dreamville is a mini-city where you can now find 10 types of accommodation, a radio station, a bakery, a supermarket, a beauty salon, a shop with everything you need for camping, a tattoo shop, food from around the world, Bars, grills you can use whenever you want, a Chill Out area with Dj, tennis courts, bocce balls, space for beach volleyball, a complete gym, aerobics with instructor, space to do Yoga with instructor, Shaded tables, lockers, bathrooms, showers and more!
People enter Dreamville on Thursday and the festival officially starts the following day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) but all "Dreamville residents" have a welcome party with their own stage and a top lineup. Thus the festival of 3 days becomes one of 4 and all the time you find yourself immersed in this fantasy world.
You can find everything in Dreamville. Did you forget the sleeping bag? There you find it. Did you miss the flip flops? There you find it. Forgot the flag of your country? They also sell flags from many countries!
From the moment you arrive thousands of people are celebrating and more than one comes to talk and invite you a beer. In Tomorrowland everybody is your friend, there are no complexes or prejudices. You begin to feel the atmosphere and suddenly you find yourself enjoying the moment with people from Austria, Russia, Brazil, United States, South Africa, New Zealand, etc!
Every day you get a newspaper with photos and information from the previous day!
The next day they open the doors of the festival area and everything just gets better. You enter to a HUGE place, full of details, surprises wherever you look, music everywhere, and the massive Mainstage that changes every year and whose design is always secret.
Here, not only the music, but also the stages are part of the attractions. Officially 16 stages, but once inside you find other secret stages where suddenly someone like Afrojack appears. The festival puts a lot of effort in the production of stages. All the stages are full of details, objects in movement and performances not only of djs but also of all types of artists.
You can also buy different types of gourmet restaurants (31 to 35 euros), for example the B-eat (price: 35 euros), where you receive 3 types of small food prepared at the moment by a top chef, drinks included (wine, cocktail, champagne), while a famous DJ puts music for you.
Or Tomorrowland Restaurant with view of the Mainstage (Price: 34.5 euros). *This is always the first in sold out*
The festival is so big, this post would get too long and many times you'd better discover all the magic for yourself. Generally what we see in the videos of the festivals usually exaggerate everything, but that's not the case of Tomorrowland. Everything you see in the aftermovie is real.

Now what's most important.

¿How to get tickets to Tomorrowland?

In order to be able to attend this festival you have to follow some steps that I will detail below (and also need lots of luck).

1. Pre-register (January 9th 2018)

This step is mandatory for anyone who is thinking of buying tickets.
This is the data one must place:
This data serves to minimize resale, fraud and increase the security of the event. It is known that getting tickets is extremely difficult in general sale, where approx 2 million people enter the store (buying or not, they take a space in the row) and there are only about 72,000 tickets available for foreigners. Given this situation and because the top 10 pre-registrations in each country guaranteed 4 tickets, many people tried to register by using another address from countries like Africa or places with very few citizens (that way to get the top 10). Never do thatMonths later, when tickets are purchased, they ask for an address where they will physically send the tickets (bracelets) and this must match the address (or at least the country) that was placed in the pre registration. If not, it is considered fraud, block you and goodbye Tomorrowland.

* If you are not sure of going to the festival, DO NOT preregister so fast. Is not necesary. You'll be taking away the opportunity to be top 10 to those who really intend to attend the festival.

2. Ticket Sale

The sale of tickets is divided into several stages, so in each one you have an opportunity to purchase a ticket. The stages are:

Global Journey (January 20th 2018)
This option is usually used by those who want to secure a ticket to the festival or for those who do not want to worry about anything and money is not a problem. These are airline packages (depart from many cities in the world), train, bus, theme hotels and tours around Europe + festival. All these packages are created for the festival to do everything for you and take care of taking you to the festival and bringing you back.

Compared to the "pre-sale" and "general-sale" where the tickets run out in minutes, it usually takes a little longer here, but the price is much higher.

The prices range from 750 euros (with the most basic camping where you must bring your camping gear) to more than 3000 euros depending on the type of accommodation and transport chosen.
Top 10
If you managed to be in the top 10 of your country. You will have secured a Ticket for you and 3 friends. These tickets can be purchased days before the general sale with a special link they send to your email.

Although you have 4 tickets secured, ideally you should buy them just when the virtual store opens. Tickets are limited and if you delay you will find the best accommodations sold out.

From the top 10, Tomorrowland chooses the country's ambassador, who earns a special camping area with ambassadors from other countries, free breakfast during the festival, a festival flag, among others.

Pre-sale (January 27th 2018)
This is the first stage of the general sale. At this stage the tickets are cheaper, but also limited, so luck must be on your side in addition to a super fast internet connection. In the last sale entered 14 friends, all from different countries, and none managed to even enter the virtual store. Everything was sold out.

General Sale (February 3rd 2018)
This is the second stage of ticket sales and the biggest. Here you increase your odds a bit, but it does take a lot of luck. For this stage we were almost 20 friends from different countries and only 1 managed to enter the store.

Official Partners
This is another opportunity to get tickets. Tomorrowland offers limited tickets to certain agencies, but these agencies also have a waiting list and prices are higher. It's another opportunity for those who did not get on the official sale. One of them is Festicket.

Viagogo is another very popular alternative, but prices are also high and in many cases almost double. However, many people buy tickets every year through this site.

Waiting List
For those who failed to get tickets in official sales, there is a waiting list registration where the festival officially resells tickets that were canceled. To all registered in the Waiting List, the festival sends an email with the access to the virtual store. (As other stages of the sale, you have to be very fast since the tickets are limited and sold out very fast)

3. Types of tickets

Before you think about which ticket to buy, you should remember that Tomorrowland is divided into 2 zones. Festival and Dreamville (camping)

Having this in mind, There are two types of tickets: 

One type that only allow access to the festival area, called FULL MADNESS PASS (access to the 3 days of festival) or DAY PASS. These types of tickets do not allow access to Dreamville, so you have to look for accommodation on your own in a nearby city (or for those who live nearby)

And the other type of tickets that allows you access to the city of Dreamville + Festival. For example, one called MAGNIFICENT GREENS (which includes basic camping in Dreamville + Full Madness Pass)

*All types of accommodation in Dreamville include a Full Madness Pass. You can NOT purchase the accommodation separately.* For example, if you bought just Full Madness Pass, and then decide to camp in Dreamville, then you can not buy the campsite separately. From the beginning you must buy MAGNIFICENT GREENS (which includes camping + Full Madness Pass)

All types of tickets have a Comfort option, where you pay more and have access to certain VIP areas of the festival, such as special platforms, massages, etc.

Tomorrowland Prices 2018:

Currently the price of tickets to Tomorrowland cost at least € 225 euros or US $ 268 without camping (Full Madness Pass) and € 290 euros or US $ 346 for three days with camping (Magnificent Greens)  

*The ticket price does not include the Service Fee, Treasure Case Fee and Payment Cost.* This depends of your country of residence.

Service fee:
Tomorrowland Tickets: € 4,75 per person
DreamVille Packages: € 8,00 per person

Treasure Case Fee:
Shipment in Belgium: € 11,50
Shipment in Europe: € 18,50
Shipment Worldwide: € 27,00

Payment Cost:
Bancontact/Mr. Cash    2,00%
Maestro                        2,50%
iDeal                             € 0,85
Mastercard/VISA          2,70%
ING Homepay              2,50%
Sofortuberweisung       2,50%

Now, you should know: the more expensive your type of accommodation in Dreamville, the closer you are to the festival area. (In addition more facilities, comfort and services).

For example, if you stay in Cabanas (located to the left of the map), towards the festival is just a 7 minute walk. While staying at Magnificent Greens in the Pink District, the walk can last 30 to 40 mins.

Here you can see each type of accommodation in Dreamville in detail:

Magnificent Greens

Easy Tents

Relax Rooms, Dreamlodge, Kokono and Cababa

Friendship Garden


How Bracelets work and how they are used to buy food and drinks

If you managed to get tickets, weeks before the festival you will receive by mail a package containing a 'Treasure Case'. Every year the design of the treasure case is a surprise just like the bracelets.

Inside the treasure you find your bracelet, information on how to activate the bracelet, some souvenir or newsletters with news.
This bracelet must be activated on web and will giveyou access to the festival (when you arrive at the festival you must pass your arm through a scanner and you will only be allowed to enter the areas you bought).

The Festival is Cashless and the currency inside the festival is Pearls. The pearls are use to buy everything inside the festival (food, drinks, etc). These pearls are digital. All Tomorrowland Bracelets come with a built-in chip that you just have to pass through a reader and make your purchases quickly.

Here you can see an official video explaining the use of the bracelet and pearls:

How much do pearls cost?

To recharge the bracelet with Pearls, can be done via web use credit card, paypal, etc. Also inside the festival you can top up with cash and card. (the photo below is from a Card Only Top Up point and always besides there is a Cash Top Up point)
If you lose your bracelet at the festival, anyone can use your bracelet to make purchases. But as the festival thinks in the last detail, all you have to do is enter to your account through the web or app and lock your bracelet with just 1 button. Then you go to one of the "Bracelets troubleshoots" points and they give you a new one.
How much do drinks and meals cost?

Inside the festival there are many food choices from all over the world, vegetarian, vegan and gourmet food.
The prices for a meal on average are 6 pearls. (The belgian fries were 3.5 - 4 pearls)
The price of drinks:

Small Beer 2 pearls
Beer XL 3,75 pearls
Cubanisto 3,5 pearls
Cocktails 6,75 - 7 pearls

Lockers Price:

Lockers inside Dreamville
(you should buy these if you stay in Dreamville so you have access to them 24 hours)

* The price includes a deposit of 5 euros that will be returned to you when you deliver the key.

*For Spectacular Easy Tent, Relax Room, DreamLodge, Cabana Locker is included*

Lockers in Festival area
You must buy these if you want to save valuables and if you're not staying in Dreamville. You have access to them from 12:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Keys are not physical, they are a PIN number

 Festival Map 2017:

Tips / recommendations for Tomorrowland 2018 
(click on image)

This was the agenda of the Festival in 2017 to have as a reference:

09.01. Theme announcement 17:00 CET
10.01. Ticket prices and sale dates 10:00 CET
10.01. Pre-registration opens 17:00 CET
19.01. All host stages announced Full list for both weekends
20.01. Pre-registration results 16:00 CET
21.01. Global Journey Sale 17:00 CET
23.01. First artist announcements
26.01. Top 20 sale 17:00 CET
28.01. Belgian Only-sale 11:00 CET
28.01. WorldWide pre-sale (early bird) 17:00 CET
04.02. WorldWide sale 17:00 CET
06.02. Personalization window begins
10.02. Waiting list opens 12:00 CET
24.02. Personalization window closes
31.03. Waiting list closes 12:00 CET
31.05. Voucher-sale (Restaurants, shuttles, lockers, etc.)
08.06. First bracelets arrived
14.06. Trailer released
29.06. Timetables released Full list for Weekend 1 and Full list for Weekend 2
04.07. Gathering line-up released
07.07. Last day for waiting list mail
10.07. App updated
20.07. Weekend 1 - Dreamville opens
21.07. Weekend 1 - Festival started
27.07. Weekend 2 - Dreamville opens
28.07. Weekend 2 - Festival started

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