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miércoles, 31 de enero de 2018

Explanation of the buying process for Tomorrowland (personalization, activation, etc)

The first step is the pre registration; second, the purchase; then personalization of the tickets and finally activation of the bracelets.

¿Can I buy Tomorrowland Tickets to another person? ¿Did you know that for Easy Tent, DreamLodge, Cabana and Relax Room you only register the name of 1 person? How is each step performed and on what dates? 

Below I explain every step:

1. First: Pre register (Tuesday January 09th - Friday February 2nd)
During this period all those who plan to buy tickets must pre-register and create an account. It's a mandatory step. Once you pre-register, they send you a link to your email. This email allows you to activate the account and access a platform that allows you to buy tickets, restaurants, etc.

The first 20 people of each country who register, will have the possibility to buy 4 Tomorrowland tickets through a dedicated ticket link, before the Worldwide Ticket Sale.

* If you are not sure of your attendance, do NOT pre-register so fast. It's not necessary (you can do it in the course of the days) Because you'll be taking away the opportunity to be top 20 to those who truly intend to attend the festival. *

2. Buying the tickets (January 20th - February 3rd)

During this step a single person can buy up to 4 tickets (which then must be personalized with the names of the attendees in step #3). For top 20 the data entered at the time of purchase must match the data of the pre-registration, otherwise it's considered fraud. For example, if in the pre-registration you stated that you live in Costa Rica (to have a chance to get top 20) and when you buy the tickets you place the shipping address of the bracelets in the United States (because you actually live there), it's considered fraud.

3. Personalization (February 5th - February 23th)

You will receive an email from Paylogic with a link to personalize your tickets. 

In this part of the process should be placed the data of the festival attendees and these must match their identity documents. Once placed the data of the assistants these can not be changed so it's not possible to resell the tickets.

Tomorrowland will send some pdf tickets with the names of the registered attendees. (This so that in case the bracelets do not arrive on time to the delivery address, you can claim the bracelet at the door of the festival (will call) by showing the e-ticket + identity document).

* If the tickets are Magnificent Greens, the personal information of each of the attendees must be placed on the form. 

*If the tickets are Easy Tent, Relax Room, DreamLodge, Kokono or Cabana, the data of 1 single responsible person must be registered and can not be absent on the day of the event. (the other attendees must register their personal bracelet in the next step)

4. Activation of bracelets

At this point they send all the tickets (the bracelets) to the address of the person who made the purchase.

Each bracelet has a unique code on the back. This code allows the activation of the bracelet.

Each attendee must create an account with their personal data (Tomorrowland will provide the link) and once the account is created each person activates his own bracelet by placing the code that is on the back of the bracelet. Once this is done, the bracelet is officially unique and non-transferable and can only be used by the person who activated it. The person is ready to enter the festival and recharge pearls.

*If the bracelet is not activated, it means that the tickets never arrived at the buyer's address and the buyer can claim the bracelets at the door of the event (will call point) showing the e-ticket with his name and identity document.


What happens if I travel before the delivery period and the bracelet does not arrive at my house?
No problem. When you personalized the tickets in step # 3, the data of the attendees are placed and these are shown on the e-ticket. With this e-ticket + ID you can claim a bracelet at the door of the event. Then, using your mobile phone to enter the website, you must activate the bracelet with the code that has on the back and you're ready to enter the event.

Can I buy a ticket that has already been personalized in someone else's name??
You can buy it, but I don't recommend it. Since at the entrance, although not everyone check the ID, if they ask you and it does not match the data that was placed in the personalization, they simply deny you the entry. Also, if your bracelet is lost or damaged, you will not be able to request another replacement because the data on your identity document will not correspond to the data recorded in the personalization.

The best way is buying a ticket not personalized yet to a friend and then personalize it with your personal information. Later they can give you the bracelets personally or give youthe bracelet code in advance so you can activate it on the website. With that being done you will not have any problem in any situation, since with your identity document you can request a bracelet replacement and you are the only owner.

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