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Answers about Tomorrowland 2018

We have so many questions about Tomorrowland and the answers to this questions aren't always on Tomorowland website or depends of our personal experience.

This year will be my fifth and sixth Tomorrowland so I will help you with some answers you may need.

Which is the closest city to Tomorrowland?

The festival takes place in Boom, which is a small town where there is almost nothing. The closest city is Antwerp-Antwerp-Antwerpen (usually called in those variations depending on the language). That city is the ideal if you plan on staying at a hotel and not staying in Dreamville. (although personally I do not recommend staying at the Hotel if you want a full festival experience)

The next closest city is Brussels and it is the best option to spend the night before Gathering, since in Brussels there is more movement of bars and people who come from all over the world to go to the festival.

What's the nearest airport to Tomorrowland?

The next closest city is Brussels and it is the best option to spend the night before Gathering, since in Brussels there is more movement of bars and people who come from all over the world to go to the festival.

How to get to Tomorrowland on your own?

If you arrive by plane, you will land at the Brussels Airport. By train you will arrive at the Midi station.

How to get from the Brussels Airport to the Festival:

From the airport of Brussels there are official festival transfers that cost 25 euros and they leave you at the entrance of Dreamville. These transfers go on sale during the first week of June and you must choose a departure time.

How to get from the Midi train station to the Festival:

This option is the best if you want more flexibility and is not that complicated. You only have to take a train (they leave every 20 minutes) from the Midi station to the Antwerp station, then from Antwerp you take the train to Boom (in total about 8-10 euros). And outside Boom Station you'll see free buses that take you for free to the entrance of Dreamville.

Can I use another person's credit card when making the purchase?

Yes, there is no problem if for the payment method you use for intance the credit card of your mom, brother or friend.

Can I be in another country when making the purchase and put a different shipping address?

Yes. For example you can be on vacation in Italy but you reside in Spain. Without any problem you can buy your ticket while in Italy and only at the time of purchase you must place your country of residence in the shipping address.

Can I pay with a debit card?

In global Journey No. In general sales Yes. However, currently many banks offer debit cards that "works like a credit card" these are usually affiliated with Visa or Mastercard, if you have that type of debit card you won't have any problem.

Will I receive the "Treasure Case" if I take the Global Journey?

Yes, you can choose to have it delivered to your home or pick it up at the airport / arrival station.

Do all tickets include the "Treasure Case"?

Yes, all tickets include one Treasure Case per person and they are shipping to your home address.

What would happen if I have to travel time before they start to ship the Treasure Cases? 

Everything would be okay. After you personalize your tickets (from February 5th to Feb 23th) Tomorrowland send you an e-ticket.

In case you don't get the bracelets, these can not be activated (because they all have a unique code on the back) so that means that when you arrive at the festival you can claim a bracelet at the entrance showing the e-ticket + identity document. Then on Friday or Saturday you can claim the full treasure case if you are quick.

Is Viagogo safe?

Since 2015 every year I had friends who bought through Viagogo and so far none of them had any problems.

If I buy from Viagogo they send me the bracelets to my home address?

When you buy through Viagogo they send you an e-ticket one week before the event. With the e-ticket+ID you claim your bracelet at the Will Call point (festival entrance).

This bracelet is deactivated, so you must at that moment enter the Tomorrowland website using your mobile phone and proceed to activate it by entering the unique code that the bracelet has on the back. (I will put the exact link for activation here when it's enabled)

After that, you are ready to enter the festival! You just have to put the bracelet on your right arm and pass it through the scanner where a green light will turn on and you will be inside.

How does the personalization works? Is it true that Global Journey buyers doesn't need to personalize the tickets?

The personalization is basically assigning the names of the attendees to the tickets that have been purchased.

This is why those who bought Global Journey packages don't need to make the personalizaton, as they already placed the data of each assistant during the purchase.

Every person who bought tickets through Top 20, Pre Sale and General Sale, MUST personalize the tickets. For 2018, the personalization period goes from February 5th to February 23th.

If you don't make the personalization, the tickets will be canceled and you'll  lose them. (these are sold on Waiting List by Tomorrowland)

Is is true that I can sell a ticket during the personalization period?

Yes. If you have for some reason an extra tickets purchased through Worldwide Pre Sale and General Sale it can be sold as it's during the personalization process that you place the names of the attendees. 

In the same way you can buy the ticket for instance from A FRIEND and personalize it in your name. Of course, the bracelets will be send to the address of the person who made the purchase, and this can not be changed.

Can I buy a ticket that has already been personalized in someone else' name?

You can buy it, but I do not recommend it. 
At the entrance, although not everyone check the ID's, if they ask you and it doesn't match the data that was placed in the personalization they simply deny you the entry. Also, if your bracelet is lost or damaged, you won't be able to request another replacement because the data on your ID will not match the data placed in the personalization.

Is it possible to cancel the tickets and get my money back?

It's not possible. However, tickets can be sold before the end of the personalization period as I mentioned before, so you register the names of the new attendees.

Can I attend the festival if I'm under 18?

The festival is only for people over 18 years old or 17 years old if the same year of the festival you turn 18.

How do I protect my valuables in Dreamville?

All types of accommodation in Dreamville have lockers to store documents, cameras, etc. and there are various sizes. They start selling them at the end of May-June or you can buy them right there, they never sell out.

Which are the Locker's size?
If I arrive on Friday, can I still enter to Dreamville?

Yes, you can enter Dreamville until Saturday at noon. Once you check in at Dreamville you can leave and re-enter as many times as you want.

How can I charge my phone?

Accommodations from Spectacular Easy tent to Cabanas, they all have an electrical connection. For Magnificent Greens and the festival where you spend more than 10 hours. There are very small portable chargers that support about 3 charges on average. Once they run out off energy you go to any recharging point and they give you a new one full loaded and you can do that as many times as you want. It's worth 16 pearls and they give you back 10 pearls when returning the charger for the last time.

Can I enter with alcohol bottles or food?

You can enter Dreamville with food and drinks The only condition is that drinks must be in plastic bottles and not glass. Cans of beer is allowed.

To the Festival Area it's forbidden to access with some type of food or liquids.

Can I enter with Reflex/DSRL cameras?

You can access Dreamville area with cameras if they aren't very 'eye-catching', however, you can only access the festival area with this type of camera with a press pass. The cameras allowed are any action camera (like the GoPro) and any compact camera that doesn't have interchangeable lenses.

Do I have to be prepared for the rain?

YES, YOU HAVE TO. It's a reality that in Belgium, summer means sun and rain. So if you are prepared you won't have a bad time at all and not being able to do so may mean you don't have a good time. So you should consider having a water-proof tent or ziploc bag for your mobile phone.

Something very good about the organization is that every time it rains the festival gives free ponchos for the attendees.

How are the showers?

The paid showers are basically the same throughout the festival, they have warm water and a door. The lines for the showers are usually from 10 am to 12. If you go earlier you won't find lines. If you stay in Easy Tent the lines are much smaller and in Dreamlodge, Relax Room, Cabanas there are never lines.

Is it true Official Merch runs out very fast? 

Yes. If you want to buy merchandising from the festival store, you must do it on the first day because by Sunday almost everything is sold out.

Is there Wi-Fi connection at the campsite or at the festival grounds? 

There are a couple of points with free Wi-Fi (Chill Out Zone Dreamville for example) but for the same reason that is free it could be saturated or a very bad connection. This is why I would recommend you to use your own internet service. Remember that roaming has been suppressed in the European Union, so if, for example, you have a chip from Spain, you can use it without problems in other countries of the U.E.

When Restaurants, lockers and parking go on sale?

Every year this tickets go on sale during the last week of May or first week of June. Last year they went on sale May 31th.

How can I get ice at the festival? 

It¡s not that simple, but you can get ice. Your first choice is Dreamville supermarket (Lindt). They sell ice but it runs out very fast, so if you want ice you must go and buy it very early. The second option is to leave Dreamville by the rainbow that connects Magnificent Greens with the areas of Easy Tent and from this point walk on that street to the left (seeing the rainbow). You'll find a Carrefour about 10 minutes away or some neighbors sometimes also sell ice.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask.

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